Take your Marketing to New Heights

Picture KC is fully Licensed and Insured so you can rest easy knowing your images will rise above the rest.


Drone imagery is one of the biggest new trends when it comes to property marketing, but did you know that a recent survey suggests that nearly 10% of those offering this service aren't certified by the FAA?  While you want to offer the best results for your clients, you also have a brand to uphold, so leave the worry to us and fly with a fully trained and insured company like Picture KC.

Aerial Imaging has really taken off (had to take that pun moment) in recent years and can not only help you attract more clients, but the RIGHT ones.


Aerial Photography with Picture KC can help your business:

     - Build client base by providing superior service

     - Build your brand portfolio 

     - Presell build projects by selling views before they exist

     - Highlight proximity to hotspots like lakes, land, shopping centers or downtown Kansas City

     - Save thousands of marketing dollars when compared to the previous high cost of renting a helicopter or small plane to get that unique perspective