How to sell real estate in Kansas City when the market is hot

How do you sell your home when the market is hot?

The two factors that bring in the best prospective buyers, are a well presented home and great photos.

Keller Williams agent Jeff Glover offers his insights on what sellers should be doing to optimize their selling results:


Let's delve into a couple key points:

Rachael Ruiz: "So the picture can say a thousand words, and that's what a lot of people see now - you can go online and see those initial pictures, and that makes the decision whether you even go through a house."

Jeff Glover: "Even go see it, exactly."

Basically, the photos are the number one factor when it comes to getting people interested in a property. To be completely straightforward -

The photos make or break a showing.

If those photos don't look really good, then the best offers won't come in, and there are two parts of great photos:

Part 1 is that the photos themselves need to be have technical excellence. The need to be bright, but not blown out.  They need to have true colors and angles that don't distort the shape of the home. These things require a professional, which is why an agent or seller needs to hire the best real estate photographer in their area.

Everything is visual in today's world, and when you literally only have seconds to capture someone attention, the photos matter. So spend time finding a great photographer, and be prepared for the small investment needed, because those real estate photos are the most important marketing tool you have.

Part 2 is that the property must be prepared and presented well for the photo shoot, and for any open houses or showings.

What can you do?

Prep the closets:  Don't just throw the items you want to hide, be prepared for people to check them out as well.

Stage the basement: Present it as a useable space that buyers will help sell the overall package.

Clean the garage: Move items to storage is needed, and paint the floor if you have time.  Storage is a huge component for a lot of buyers, so make it seem as large as possible.

Curb appeal: As the first thing people see, it is essential to tidy and make presentable.  Weed and mow the garden, and put a couple planters with flowers on that patio to make it warm and welcoming.